hornman (3 track EP)

by hornman

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Alt-pop four piece Hornman are very pleased to have co-produced their debut EP with Sound on Sound acclaimed producer Freddy Frogs of Montpellier, France.

The EP opens with “Swansea”, a step-out, fun electro-swing tune with gypsy horn-lines, filtered saw-tooth bass and an upbeat inspiring message.

In immediate contrast, hornman follow with “Personality is melting” which begins as an ambient trip-hop love-song with a deep-underwater, dreamy, almost sacred dimension and builds to a romping live drum and bass finale with a strong sax solo and sublime vocal harmonies.

The EP closes with the more electronically produced “Winston”, a dubstep-techstep oddysey of a song with powerful electric guitar and soaring vocal melodies.


released September 30, 2014

Hornman debut EP features three singles:

Written and performed by Carl Davies, Wayne Maslin, Simon Whitton, Laurence Hill and Freddy Frogs.

Personality (is melting)
Written and performed by Carl Davies, Wayne Maslin, Aoife Hegarty, Simon Whitton, Laurence Hill and Freddy Frogs.

Written and performed by Carl Davies, Wayne Maslin, Simon Whitton, Laurence Hill , Sula Mae and Freddy Frogs.

All tracks produced and mixed by Freddy Frogs (fastlane studios London and Montpellier, France www.fastlane.fr) and Carl Davies (horn-electro studio, London) except for Swansea final mix by Jerry Kandiah at Old St. Studios, London (info@oldstreetstudios.com).

Digital mastering by Hue Jah Fink at Binary feedback.

Vocals, sax, clarinet, keys, and B-lines - hornman Carl Davies
Vocals and trombone - Wayne Maslin
Drumkit - Laurence Hill
Guitar and vocals - Simon Whitton
Female vocals - Aoife Hegarty (Personality only)
Female vocals Sula Mae (Winston only)

Cover photos: Roy Shakespeare (hornman EP and Swansea)
Clive Rowat (Personality)
Simon Whitton (Winston)

Cover design: Matt shearing and Carl Davies

A massive thank you to friends and family of hornman, particularly “Awash with gold” community for their love and support, DJ Kev and the Urban Noize radio crew, Bob Dawson, Roy Shakespeare and Matt Shearing. Long may the fun and adventure continue!




all rights reserved


hornman London, UK

Hornman combine infectious underground bass and beats with catchy horns, earthy guitar and psychedelic vocals. Influences: from Talking Heads to Hot Chip, Aphex twin, Charles Mingus and James Brown. Alchemical lyrics are sung by hornman’s brass section who provide vibrant, sublime entertainment. Hornman co-produce with Sound On Sound acclaimed electronic producer Freddy Frogs. ... more

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Track Name: Swansea
You know me come from Swansea
Is it is it?
Hmmm? (Yoda)
In'ts it?
You know me granny's name is..
Is it is it?
Isnt it?

Was it a visit from the wise men three?
Are we descended from a chimpanzee?
Did we really fall from grace?
Whats the story of the human race?

Sending love sending love to the jews
Don’t really want anybody to lose
Giving love giving love to the arab
Hope we rise all rise like a scarab

But is there just one way to mystic?
I’m looking me for a new holistic
Kiss the earth in a thousand ways
Im living free and I love my days


Here we are in the promised land
Feel the love while I hold your hand
Elohim all around we see
(Its) only talk that we’re not free

So is it this is it that who knows?
We surrounded by sisters and bros
If we know our history
We’ll give in to the mystery

Track Name: Personality (is melting)
Got me going like I’m falling asleep
Got me going like I’m falling asleep

Verse 1

Its over,
And you can’t tell me anymore.
Now its over,
And I’ve been here, I’ve been here before

Now its over,
I guess its my turn now to walk away
And its over,
There’s nothing more much left, nothing more to say.

Verse 2

(Its) started
And I am sinking happily
And you’re singing,
Love is listening
And its seeping into me

I am sleeping
Asleep beneath the water for eternity
You are whispering
You tell me secrets and your touch caresses me.

Got me going like I’m falling asleep
Got me going like I’m falling asleep

My personality is melting into everybody elses,
My personality is melting….

(Horn outro)
Track Name: Winston
Verse 1
Me! My name is Winston Churchill
And I know,
Commando is the key.
You! Art-deco flock of faschist
Pin-stipe Kitsch,
This boat belongs to me!

Bombsfall Interlude
Elevator falling,
Now I’m falling too fast.
Can you h ear me calling?
Now I let go at last.
Sink beneath the bassline,
Who I find?
Walking with my black dog,
Is this the end of my mind?

Verse 2
You! Are closing in positions,
On our own,
My darker friend and me.
(but it’s a) Scin!-tillating sky dissolving,
Vast expanse,
This blue is all I see……

Aaah, I’m walking towards you
Walking towards you, even when you fall
Aaah, I’m lookin to love you
Lookin to love you
Love it all….

Sink beneath the bassline,
Who I find?
Walking with my black dog,
Is this the end of my mind?